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İş Sanat Kibele Art Gallery continues the season with Hamit Görele’s “Retrospective” Exhibition. The works of artist Hamit Görele, who often states in his writings that music is based on mathematics and painting is based on geometry, can be viewed free of charge at İş Sanat Kibele Art Gallery until April 1.

Hamit Görele, one of the main artists of the innovative movement that developed in Turkish painting in the 1930s, produced original works without fear of the danger of being disliked by his period with the geometric approaches in his paintings and volumetric effects in the figures.

After his education at Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi, Görele passed the European exam opened by the Ministry of National Education and went to Paris, where he received training at the Julian Academy as well as the Andre Lhote Workshop. After returning home, he joined the Independent Painters Group, which He shared the group’s new artistic vision. Görele’s art is closely related to the view that developed in Turkey after the Çallı generation and aims to change the forms of nature at the interpretive level. The artist engages in formal analyzes of nature in a Cubist-constructionist direction, using color, volumetric and profound forms in his landscapes and portraits.

The works of Hamit Görele, who passed away in 1981, from the collection of his daughter Tonya Görele, can be viewed free of charge at Kibele Art Gallery every day until April 1. Kibele Art Gallery can be visited every day between 09.00 – 19.00. For group reservations and workshops, you can send an e-mail to