The collection exhibited in the Isbank Museum is one that is comprised of exhibition items such as objects, documents and visual-audio materials that have been used in the bank since its foundation. All these exhibition items, which are an indispensable part of the daily working operations in a bank, reflect the phases of transformation of the banking business during the Period of the Republic in Turkey. The items exhibited in the museum include typewriters from various periods, bookkeeping and calculation machines, saving-boxes, stamps and seals, promotional materials, various devices used for communication and technological purposes, and several big safes used in the departments. Apart from these, the visitors have also access to old bank counters preserved as they were used in the bank branch, and the rooms where the main vault and safe-deposit boxes were held. The archives of İşbank consist of a great variety of materials such as; documents used in providing services to the clientele such as policies, receipts, collection receipts, cash-register receipts, stock certificates, cheques and passbooks; contracts, materials of bank’s internal correspondence and those of correspondence with public authorities; documents that reflect the social and economic life such as letters sent to the bank and information about the personnel who served in the initial years after its foundation; materials used for advertisement and promotional purposes such as newspaper advertisements, publicity posters and postcards; photos, pictures, old architectural plans and projects as well as hundreds of films focusing on a large variety of themes. With its rich diversity of materials, this comprehensive archive can greatly contribute to the historiography in the social and economic domains. The Isbank Museum shares this archive with the visitors in temporary and permanent exhibitions, thereby always observing the related rules set forth for the banking sector.


The Isbank Museum predominantly consists of the collections that are in the possession of Isbank. The primary duty of Isbank Museum is to further enrich the museum’s collections as well as the documents and objects in exhibition and safely pass them on to future generations in the best state; your donations would make a great contribution in this respect. For further information please send an e-mail to