The building that served as the third Headquarters of İşbank, a structure that was designed by  architect Guilio Mongeri, is a four-storied building with a basement where strong rooms of the bank were housed and a ground floor; it has a plan basing on a isosceles triangle design. The columns with stalactites, lancet arches in Ottoman style with floral ornaments at the entrance of the building underlines the national architectural movement. When looked at from the outside, one sees a building consisting of the ground story, three mezzanine stories and the upper story. It is a building constructed in Renaissance style, and the name of the Bank at the façade and the canopy over the entrance tend towards the style of Art Nouveau.

The stained glass over the main hall designed in oval form allows more light both into the hall and the upper floor. The stained glass shows an illustration of Hermes, a deity associated with money and trade in mythology, with his serpentine staff representing power and his wings at his head and feet symbolising his speed. The stained glass carries the signature “Corvaya e Bazzi” indicating the joint company of Salvatore Corvaya and Carlo Bazzi, the involved Italian artists.

The structure is located at the corner that looks on to the square “Hakimiyet-i Milliye”, the square that was planned as the central point of the town in the Contest of Development Plan for Ankara organised in 1927, which was won by Hermann Jansen, a German professor. It is at a dominant location on the boulevard stretching to İstasyon Street and district of Çankaya. With its symbolic location on Bankalar (Banks) Street that brings into view all the related policies and institutions of the Republic involved in respect of national economy, the building represents one of the important examples, which has survived until today, of “the architectural history of the early period of the Republic”.

Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk visited the building on October 22, 1929, immediately after its inauguration, and the news of the visit was covered by the newspapers of the time with photos of the event.

After the Headquarters of the bank was relocated to Gökdelen (Skyscraper) in Kavaklidere in 1976, the building served for long years as Directorate for Training and Main Branch of Ankara.